A meek SC evades its responsibilities

Forgot the last time the Supreme Court stood up and issued a stern order to the Central Government. The latest instance of the institutional crisis that the judiciary is facing was witnessed today when it meekly disposed of a petition regarding migrant workers being asked go pay for their train ticket for travelling back home.

After a brief hearing, during which it was clear that the hapless workers many of whom have lost their jobs are being made to pay for the tickets, the Supreme Court disposed it of with this vague line

“As all necessary steps are being taken by the Centre and the States, we do not see any purpose in keeping this writ petitions pending”.

Yesterday, the SC exhibited a similar non-commital behaviour during the hearing of a petition demanding restoration of 4G services in Kashmir, as health as well as educational services were impossible using the patchy 2G connection. The judges continued to chant "national security", in response to all arguments.

How long will the SC continue to evade its responsibilities?