Beware of Sanghified “balanced” historians

"Historian" Vikram Sampath with RSS sarsanghchalak mohan bhagwat presenting copies of his Savarkar whitewashing books. When he wrote the first part of this book, it was presented as an attempt at making a "balanced" assessment of the apology letter writing champion. Many other celebrated mainstream historians, publications as well as literary fests engaged with him, hosted him and legitimised him. Even the otherwise secular Kerala literary festival hosted him..But, right from the beginning it was clearly a sangh-supported project, rather than any balanced assessment.

When Rajnath Singh made the fake claim last week that Gandhi had asked Savarkar to write apology letters, Sampath was one of the men who jumped in with misinterpreted "proofs" to support this claim. No historian, who is true to that profession, would do that. But, the agenda here is whitewashing, not history writing. Beware of the ones who make tall claims of balanced assessments. Soon someone else will come probably along with the next balanced assessment, on Godse....and these will soon become text books.




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