How the Sangh celebrates Ambedkar Jayanti — by arresting his family member

For the first time in history, there is a black flag outside Babasaheb Ambedkar's residence Rajgruha on Ambedkar Jayanthi, in protest against the sanghi Government for persecuting dalit intellectual and activist Anand Teltumbde, a member of the Ambedkar family. Teltumbde surrendered sometime back, after the SC refused to heed to his and Gautam Navlakha's request for more time to surrender as they are over 65 years old with pre-existing medical conditions, and it would be dangerous for them to be in prison when covid-19 is spreading fast in Maharashtra. SC showed the heartlessness that it has been known in recent years, by rejecting their appeals. All of it over a fabricated case, using planted evidence.

In the national modia, the news of these arrests are not even shown as a scroll, for, what is the news value in the arrest of family member of the person who framed our Constitution, on his jayanthi.