How to “create” news and divert attention 101

Modi has got his Narcotics Control Bureau to divert attention from the massive backlash from the farmers by issuing notice to Deepika Padukone in yet another pointless, fabricated case those who have minor disagreements with the Government. The notice has been issued for her to appear on September 25, the day of the nationwide protest against the anti-farmer bills. Cue for news channels to focus their cameras their entire day outside her house or outside the NCB office. Not that they have been covering actual news all these days, as their prying eyes have been on "leaked" celebrity whatsapp discussions on grass.

Not that the situation has been any different in most mainstream news channels in Kerala. On a day when we heard the news that the State Government is planning to move the SC against the farm bill, we had to wait till the end of the Chief Minister’s press conference for one question on the same. Till then, some of those peabrains from right wing TV channels were trying to cook up controversies over non-issues. Not surprising that most of them are also unaware of the labour law amendments in the Parliament yesterday, eventhough it also contains changes in the Working Journalists' Act, which also directly affects them. Even if they are aware, their right-wing, corporate owners won’t let them talk about it.