Kerala Health Minister has an extra job — fighting fake news on channels

In Kerala, the Health Minister, in addition to fighting COVID-,19, has the extra responsibility of keeping an eye on the Malayalam corporate news channels and countering fake news being churned out by the minute.

1. On Sunday, Media One channel, run by Jamaat-e-islami, organised a prime time discussion on how the families of people who are tested positive, as well as the hospitals they are lodged, are informed of the same, only after the Chief Minister announces it in the press conference, thus causing delay in treatment. UDF MLA M.K.Muneer and others added their own fake stories to this and was taking the discussion to its conclusion, when Health Minister K.K.Shailaja called the news channel and busted this fake news. The whole discussion till then was revolving around a fake claim which was a figment of someone's imagination.

2. Sometime back, during the prime time discussions, BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s Asianet and Manorama, which has left hatred as its only agenda, broke a news item claiming that a person who has tested positive are still continuing inside their homes, projecting it as a major lapse on the part of the health department. Manorama made a call to the person who was tested positive. He coolly said he has been in home quarantine and was informed by the health department of the result just a while back, they are on their way and that he doesnt have any complaints. The anchor, who had proved his sanghi credentials long back, prodded on, trying to elicit one negative word. The sensible patient replied - "Much time has not passed since they informed me. Let us give them atleast the time for the vehicle to reach here." The disappointed anchor later said "We have no wrong intentions in covering this".
The health minister also made calls to these channels to clear the air. (Video in comment)
In the past week, Manorama carried two fake news items from Vaikom. One was about the lack of stock in ration shops, which according to the MLA was shot in the one hour gap between the time the stock was finished and the next load arrived. Another was on how some of the stock from a ration shop was diverted to a nearby CPI office. Turned out, the material was stored there due to the lack of space in the ration shop adjacent to it, following a request from the owner, who was also given the key to the party office. (Refer the MLA’s letter to Manorama ).

Moral of the story - Stop watching fake news channels :) (I watch the CM's press conferences directly from his page.)
Even if you are watching, check and double check before you believe in what they say, because most of them have a clear agenda

Link to news clips here




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