Presenting the Pu’lick’er prize, the desi Pulitzer

If Sanghis are planning to create a desi version of Pulitzer prize, they better name it Pu"lick"er prize. Top contenders - Cowswamy, Navika, Kanwal, Sudhir Choudhury, Shivshankar, padmaja et al.

Initially, their issue with the celebration of the three Kashmiri photographers who won the Pulitzer this year, was that they were being referred to as Kashmiris and not Indians. These three had documented the oppression carried out by the Government after the abrogation of Article 370, during the ongoing communication blockade. They got the award for something the majority of the national modia blacked out.

Later, the sanghis and their lapdog media declared the Pulitzer, one of the world's most coveted journalism awards, as anti-national, because none of their expert licking hound dogs would ever get one, and because the sanghi Government's inhuman atrocities are now well-known the world over. All of them are running an anti-Pulitzer discussion on prime time. How pathetic must be the lives of these lickers, having to tar their profession itself day in and day out for their masters.




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