Rhea, drugs, misogyny, chennithala news reporting etc.

Minor ganja seizures of a few grams often end up as small, two or three line city stories in most newspapers. In Rhea Chakraborty's case, not even a gram of marijuana has been recovered from her. Even the Narcotics Control Bureau was brought in, despite this being nothing more than a case which the local police could have handled. All this to hide the shame of using three central agencies and the entire modibhakt media to hound one woman, who is grieving the loss of her boyfriend, and yet failing to even fabricate a murder/abetment case against her. The innocent SSR fans/moralistic tv anchors going all ballistic over "drugs" should know that both of them might have consumed it on their own will and Sushant was no baby to be force-fed marijuana. Half of the youth, even the ones foaming in their mouths against Rhea, could be arrested if the logic used in this case is applied everywhere. This was clearly no drug racket, involved in smuggling and sales, but people buying drugs for personal consumption.

In Kerala, misogyny is rightfully condemned in the public sphere and media most of the times it happens, yet the silence or normalising when which follows misogynystic comments from Congress or BJP leaders is often defeaning. Today, opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala not only made a rape joke, following it up with some dirty laughter, he also blamed DYFI, an organisation whose two members were recently murdered by Congress members, although the one facing the rape allegation is a member of a Congress service organisation. No news channel took it up for debate. The over-rated anchors who were supposed to discuss it were busy whitewashing him in social media. Some of them are known for creating a fake narrative of "cyber attacks" when they were called out for their relentless stream of fake news to suit their right wing masters. The "neutrals" were busy blaming the journalist who asked that question although they were never heard blaming the peabrains who asked all kinds of below-the-belt questions to the CM in his daily press conferences.