Taliban, US, islamists etc

When Joe Biden won US presidency, quite a few centrists here too cheered for him, seemingly unaware of the fact that nothing changes as far as US foreign policy is concerned, whoever may be at the top. The interventions and shady deals would continue as before, clearly evident in the smooth pullout by US troops and swift takeover by the Taliban terrorists, in a country which US has occupied for two decades.

Taliban won’t have any problems in carrying out business with the US, since they owe much of their birth and growth to the US, which used them as a weapon against the Soviets and the leftist Government of Afghanistan in the 1980s and early 90s. They not only gave them weapons and all kind of support, the US also ensured that the next generation would grow up with the same religious poison. According to a Washington Post report of 2003 (after Taliban’s fall), “In the twilight of the Cold War, the United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings, part of covert attempts to spur resistance to the Soviet occupation.” Many of those children, who read the US-funded textbooks, might be fighting now for the taliban.

This abject, planned pullout by a country which claims to “bring democracy” with each of its invasions for oil or mineral wealth, would leave Afghanistan as a medieval hellhole, devoid of any kind of freedom for women and as a land without music or art. What remains would be barbaric religious teachings, to churn out the next set of terrorists.


Been going through the profiles of some of the islamists, Jamaathis, popular frontwalahs here. As expected, most of them have been silent on the plight of the Muslim women and non-Talibani Muslims of Afghanistan. Now, this is the same bunch that goes on and on about such imaginary topics as islamophobia of the left or nitpick some speech or article to find Islamophobia. Not so long back, they had a problem even with the adjective ‘Talibani’, which some of us used to talk about some saffron attacks, branding that usage as ‘Islamophobia’. Yet, such a huge population of Muslims remaining uncertain about their future does not concern them. Some of them have infact chosen round-about ways to defend Taliban, claiming that they are brave fighters against the US imperialists. Yes, the US are imperialists, but the Talibani terrorists who subjugate even people from their own religion who dont subscribe to their narrow world view are certainly not anti-imperialist fighters. Keep an eye on them, and on the ones who have infiltrated our film industry in the recent past too. Next time they raise one of their pet imaginary issue, question them about the taliban.