Vaccination policy : A U-turn dressed up as a benevolent act

The Modi Government has now been forced to reverse its inhuman, pro-corporate vaccine policy, following criticism from states including Kerala and some harsh words from the Supreme Court. Yet, Modi, in his typical manner, lies through his teeth and tries to shift the blame for the existing situation to the states. He claims that the State Governments had demanded more decentralisation in the vaccination process, and which is why he was “forced” to come up with this pro-corporate vaccination policy, forcing the states to buy directly from the manufacturers. The states never demanded the Union Government to allow them to procure the vaccines. They only demanded more freedom in how the vaccine was to be distributed.

Modi has twisted this to claim that the entire vaccination policy was a result of the demand from the states, which is clearly a LIE. A lie, which saffron media propagandists like Rahul Kanwal has been repeating for the past few days, as part of setting the narrative, the only thing that matters to this Government. Please don’t insult the memory or intelligence of the people with such obvious lies. It’s a clear U-turn. Even in this u-turn, he has ensured a window for private companies to make filthy profits. Never forget that all other major countries have provided free vaccines to its citizens. So, let not the man and his bhakts make a virtue out of this u-turn. Their plan to let the corporates loot the public during a pandemic has been foiled by strong resistance by states like Kerala and a rare act of uprightness from the SC. Was this announcement made quickly because the SC asked the modi govt for details on how the Rs.35,000 crore set aside for vaccines was spent?

And that little bit of his speech where he waxed eloquent about decentralisation… All this after the many policy steps which trampled upon federalism.

PS- It’s a sunny evening in Kerala. All the monsoon clouds seem to have been driven away by the current of hot air from up north.




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